Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Indianapolis Art Center Spring 2013 Semester is OPEN for Registration!
Register Here!
Come take a Printmaking Class and rwecieve some free Ghost Coffin Merchandise! T-shirts! Stickers! Prints! Masks! Come join the Darkside! Below are the classes I am offering;

PR103e7 Intro to Color Woodcut

Participants will explore a variety of methods of color woodcut printmaking ranging from hand coloring to double drop to four-block color process. Participants will have the option to participate in a group portfolio. Instructor email:

PR102e12 Intro to Stone Lithography

We will explore fundamentals of the core printmaking technique: Stone Lithography. This course will also discuss the history of this printmaking method as well as how it has evolved to today's studio practice. During this course, students will learn proper use of materials and how to print an edition. At the end of this class, we will all partake in a portfolio exchange, and go home with a set of your classmates' prints! Instructor email:

PR104e7 Intro to Color Silkscreen

We will cover the basic fundamentals of color Silkscreen Printing. We will discuss its historical context, evolution, and use in contemporary art. Each class will be covering different tools and techniques used to achieve a multiple color silkscreen print. We will print t-shirts in this course! Instructor email:

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